Back to the Age of Sail

Anybody who has read the books of Patrick O’Brian or C.S.Forester will be fascinated by the ships of this period. Few of these wooden vessels have survived the centuries. Some are on display at maritime museums spread all over the world. Only a handful of replicas cruise the seven seas. How these ships looked like in their daily duty is left to our fantasy.

As a topic, Ships and the sea have attracted many artists today and in the past. Capturing a seascape and a complicated rig of a three-mast ship takes considerable artistry as well as craftsmanship. An artist claiming to show a realistic view of 18th century ships needs to do a lot of groundwork and recherché before starting to paint. He has to understand not only the architecture of a wooden frigate but also the craft of navigation and seamanship if he wants to show a lifelike sailing behavior.

Computers and 3D design programs are new tools in the hand of artists to manage the challenge of realistic seascapes. This website is dedicated to show an attempt at creating classic seascapes with new instruments.